UAE Exclusive: Lady Gaga Interview – Part I

To celebrate Ahlan! Live’s new Lady Gaga Look Book we caught up with the star herself. In the first of a two-part interview, Lady G talks fame, fortune and underwear (well, we had to ask!)
Saturday , 02 July 2011
UAE Exclusive: Lady Gaga Interview – Part I

You may have noticed a few new faces on top of our homepage recently. Lady Gaga is one of them and her utterly fascinating fashion choices earned her the accolade of sitting on top of our page. From beef dresses and blue bobs to stepping out in nothing but her smalls, her outrageous style statements have us glued. We just can’t get enough of her and we know you can’t either, so we created the Lady Gaga Look Book especially for you. And, as if that weren’t enough, to celebrate we caught up with the woman herself and asked some pretty big questions about those outfits, like: Do you ever look at yourself and think ‘oh my god, what was I thinking?!’.

“All the time!” laughs Lady G. “But that’s part of the fun of it. You know, I always try to get dressed with a little bit of humour. It’s not about being sexy or attractive – it’s about having fun.” And Gaga has certainly had some fun recently. She rocked the world with her Monster Ball Tour, took on the role of godmother to Elton John’s son Zachary and accumulated over 10 million Twitter fans to play with – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg for the world’s most influential celebrity.

Here, in the first instalment of a two-part interview concluding tomorrow, we get up close and personal with Lady Gaga to find out about everything she’s been up too and what she really thinks about her famous appearance...

Your look always attracts attention, but what do you find attractive?
All sorts of things. I don't necessarily think the way I dress or act is the most interesting. Everybody is beautiful in their own way – that's why I wrote Born This Way. It's my favourite thing about my fans: some of them might be very adventurous and colourful; others are very sleek and wear lots of black. They’re all very diverse and they all embrace who they are. There’s no pretence to fit in with my aesthetic at my concerts. My aesthetic is secondary. Fans come first – they are the show.

And what about character? What do you like in people?
Kindness and generosity and genuineness.

How would you describe yourself?
I'm the same. This is what you get.

So, as the godmother of Elton John’s son, Zachary, are these the values you will teach?
Sure. I won't need to, though. He's got great parents.

How did you feel about your Monster Ball tour, which started in November 2009 and went on until May 2011?
Oh, at one time I had, like, no money, because I went completely bankrupt spending all my money on my shows – I couldn’t even stay afloat financially. But I have more control now.

Is there a moment from the tour that stands out?
There are loads of funny things that happened backstage at the Monster Ball. I don’t like surprises, and I don’t like pranks, but I brought all my friends from New York on tour with me so there were lots of backstage shenanigans! They made fun of my diet too, because they knew I had to stay fit for being on tour, so they were, like, eating mounds of cheeseburgers in my dressing room.

Can you imagine not being famous anymore?
I‘ve always felt famous. I think fame comes from inside you. I don't believe it's something you can touch. It's not real. It's all about how you allow it to affect your life. I felt so famous when I was living in New York City all alone and nobody knew who I was. I’d put my little bra and panties on, run down to the drug store, go and meet my friends for a drink, then play a show and think I'd made it. Fame is not about the attention and the cameras – it’s about the influence and the impact I could potentially have on my fans, on the world. That’s most important to me. Now I’m here, what am I going do next?

So, you don't need the cameras?
Well, I like the cameras.

Last month you performed on Heidi Klum’s show, Germany’s Next Top Model. Don’t modelling competitions like this contradict your belief that everybody should be comfortable with the way they were born?
I think everyone defines beauty for themselves. I don't necessarily believe that this show is for or against anything I believe in, it's just lots of really beautiful girls on TV and I think it's really nice, actually. A positive way to look at modelling contests is to think of them as inspirational. I think there will be lots of young girls watching who won’t take it negatively, but instead watch it and say, “Well, maybe that could be me one day”, and that's quite beautiful.

Everyone is so focused on your appearance – do you ever worry that the music itself and the message it carries might fade into the background?
Actually, no. In fact, with Born This Way, with the album, the music has flown into the forefront more than ever. I feel such a shift in my fans and in my relationship with them – even when doing interviews like these. I’m so pleased and excited with how the music has been received. I worked very, very hard on this album. I'm a musician, I wrote every single song, I co-produced every single song, every lyric, every melody, every moment, every mix, every dynamic comes from me. So, it's important to me to put my money where my mouth is and say I can be as forward visually as I can musically.

We read that you feel naked without high heels. Is that true?
I sometimes feel naked with clothes on, and sometimes I feel less naked with no clothes. Does that make sense? I feel quite comfortable in see-through things or in my underwear.

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To find out what Lady Gaga thinks of her fans and her future, and discover how she plans to revolutionise pop, be sure to tune into Ahlan! Live tomorrow on Monday 4 July for the second instalment of our Lady Gaga interview.

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