UAE brand launches world's first Vitamin D water

UAE brand launches world's first Vitamin D water

18 Jan 2018

It's safe for consumption by both children and adults

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Al Ain water has just launched the world's first still, bottled vitamin D water. It is now available to purchase at local retailers and a 500ml bottle will cost Dhs2.

In a country where more than 78 percent of residents suffer from vitamin D deficiency, the move is considered a unique initiative to fight the disease, reports Gulf News.

“Exposure to sunlight is rather low in the region due to a preference for indoor activities that is attributable to the hot summer months. With sedentary lifestyles and poor food habits adding to this, such deficiency can also result in a number of health implications, but innovative products such as Al Ain vitamin D water can help safely address this pressing issue,” said Abdullah Abdul Qadir Al Meini, director-general, Emirates Standards and Metrology Authority (Esma).

Top officials from Agthia, Al Ain water's mother company, have confirmed that the water is 100 percent safe to consume. It contains no added preservatives. flavours or colouring and can be consumed just as regular water is.

Each 500ml bottle contains 50 International Units (IU) of vitamin D, and the daily recommended allowance of Vitamin D for all those over the age of three is 600IU, so it's safe to say that the risk of overdose is extremely unlikely.

“If you drink three litres of it, then you get only 50 per cent. Generally, nobody drinks that much in a day, so there is no question of overdose or excessive intake of vitamin D in a day,” Dr Rabih Kamleh, senior vice-president of research and development at Agthia, said.

Will you be getting your hands on some vitamin D water? We can't wait to try it!