UAE Announces Ramadan Work Hours for Private Sector and Public Sector

23 Jun 2014

Government shortens work day during the Holy Month

Work hours for private sector employees in the UAE will be reduced by two hours during the Holy Month of Ramadan with no salary reduction, it has been announced.

The announcement came in a circular issued by Saqr bin Ghobash Saeed Ghobash, Minister of Labour.

It had been confirmed earlier that work hours during the Holy Month of Ramadan would be from 9am to 2pm for federal government and ministry employees, according to a resolution issued by Humaid Mohammad Al Qutami, Minister of Education and Chairman of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resource.

At private sector firms, work hours for Muslim staff are generally from 9am to 3pm during Ramadan, but timings will vary for different organisations.

The Holy Month of Ramadan will begin on Sunday 29 June, with Eid-al-Fitr expected to begin on Monday 28 July.