Tyga Cancels on Cristiano Ronaldo AGAIN!

The rapper has let down the Real Madrid ace
Tuesday , 25 August 2015
Tyga Cancels on Cristiano Ronaldo AGAIN!
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Real Madrid's forward Cristiano Ronaldo was let down by Tyga

It doesn't look like Tyga will be getting any free tickets to Real Madrid matches in the future.

Rapper Tyga cancelled an appearance at football star Cristiano Ronaldo's Portuguese night club on Monday, a month after rescheduling a previously axed gig.

The Rack City hitmaker was first slated to perform at Seven Vilamoura on 27 July, but he revealed he wouldn't be able to take the stage at the last minute.

In a video to fans posted on the venue's Facebook page, Tyga promised he would make it up to them at a gig on 24 August, but, hours before he was scheduled to appear at the club, bosses announced that he had cancelled the gig yet again.

A statement reads: "We are very sorry to let you down once again but the Tyga concert at Seven Vilamoura was cancelled by the artist for the second time in a row. This morning when the artist was supposed to get on the plane, we were informed that the Europe tour was cancelled.

"We are truly sorry to give you this news. Everything we try to do is for you and unfortunately we couldn’t predict this kind of situation. We have a signed contract with the artist and the concert fee [is] already paid. We regret the lack of professionalism showed to us and to the fans that were coming to the show."

Tyga also cancelled a concert at Poland's Zatoka Sztuki Beach Club.

Meanwhile, Tyga was spotted running with rumoured girlfriend Kylie Jenner in Los Angeles on Monday. Jenner's half-brother Rob Kardashian posted a photo of the pair on Instagram and added the caption, "Spotted these fools on the morning workout"

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