Two years of Tomkat

As they celebrate their second anniversary, we look back at Tom and Katie's highs and lows… and downright nauseating moments!
Wednesday , 26 November 2008
Two years of Tomkat

Apr 2005
The pic that started it all! Fledgling Tomkat. Well, Tomkitten, really .

June 2005
At her Batman Begins premiere three years ago, when Katie still had a movie career.

Nov 2005
Back in the early days, when Suri was merely a thetan in Tom’s eye.

July 2005
Clearly taken while they were still in their nauseating PDA/sofa jumping phase.

May 2006
The proud parents at an LA showbiz bash, just a month after Suri was born.

Feb 2008

The Suri years. At Madonna’s UNICEF benefit earlier this year, and walking their super-cute tot in Manhattan.