How to prep for the Sheikh Zayed Road run tomorrow

How to prep for the Sheikh Zayed Road run tomorrow

07 Nov 2019

Don't forget about the Bib collection happening in The World Trade Center, Concourse 2

Dubai Fitness Challenge has thrown us to the deep end: we didn't expect a 5 and 10 kilometer run at Sheikh Zayed Road this Friday on the 8th of November. 

Tickets are still available (and running out, so register QUICK!), but for those who have registered already and are dreading the run (AND waking up at 6 am in the morning), do not fear.

Collect your T shirts (bibs and race chips are mandatory) too, for comfortable running gear!

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Registered for Dubai Run? Please ensure you collect your bib prior to the race. Bib collection is available at Dubai World Trade Centre, Concourse 2 Wednesday: 6 November 9am - 12am Thursday: 7 November 9am - 10pm Sun & Sand Sports City Center Mirdiff The Dubai Mall Jumeirah Centre Wednesday: 6 November 10am - 11pm Thursday: 7 November 10am-12am Registered participants over the age of 8 will not be permitted to run without an official Dubai Run bib. Please note: ✅ All participants must bring a printed or mobile copy of their registration ticket to collect their bib. ✅ Participants of the 10km race must bring a valid ID (passport or Emirates ID) to verify their age. ✅ When you arrive to collect your bib, please park at the Happiness Street parking lot. ✅ It’s possible to collect a bib for someone else, as long as you have a copy of their ID and their Platinumlist ticket. ✅ Bibs and race chips are not transferable to any other individual. #dubai30x30 #dubairun هل قمتم بالتسجيل لتحدي دبي للجري؟ احصلوا على ملابسكم المخصصة مسبقاً من المركز التجاري العالمي الأربعاء: 6 نوفمبر، من الساعة 9:00 صباحاً - 12:00 منتصف الليل الخميس: 7 نوفمبر ، من الساعة 9:00 صباحاً - 10 مساء سن اند ساند سيتي سنتر مردف دبي مول جميرا سنتر الأربعاء 6 نوفمبر، من الساعة 10:00 صباحاً- 11:00 مساء الخميس 7 نوفمبر: من الساعة 10 صباحاً- 12:00 بعد منتصف الليل. جميع المشتركين من هم فوق سن ال 8 سنوات لن يسمح لهم بالاشتراك في السباق من دون الملابس المخصصة للجري. يرجى الانتباه إلى هذه التعليمات: - يتوجب على جميع المشتركين ابراز بطاقة الاشتراك أو نسخة الكترونية منها عند الحصول على ملابسهم. - يتوجّب على المشتركين بسباق ال 10 كيلومتر احضار بطاقة الهوية الإماراتية أو صورة من جواز السفر للتعرّف على السّن. - عند الحضور للحصول على ملابسكم يرجى التوجه إلى مواقف السيارات المخصصة عند شارع السعادة. -بامكانكم الحصول على ملابس أصدقائكم أو عائلتكم أو أي شخص فقط عند اظهار الهوية أو تذكرة التسجيل من Platinumlist - لا يمكن تبديل الملابس و الأدوات مع أي شخص آخر. #تحدي_دبي_للياقة

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A few tips would help to ensure you do not end up breathless, but rather enjoy the early morning energy of a run and realize its family-packed benefits of a good exercise early in the morning. Get your blood pumping, and your heart healthy!

We all know it’s the weekend and the last thing we’d want to do is sleep when the time is young on a Thursday night. However, with a completed sleep clock of 7-8 hours, you will feel far more energetic than those who crash in bed late. Sleep by 11 pm at the least, wake up at 6 am and feel active with a five minute stretch!

Try having a fruit in the morning on an empty stomach before a run. Do not resort to artificially packed foods, such as sugary granola bars and preserved foods. Think wisely, and choose your replacements.  Although many athletes stick to consuming a banana or nothing at all before a heavy run, it is advisable for younger age groups between 8-15 years old and the elderly to have a light breakfast, in order to avoid fatigue.

You WILL get exhausted during a 5k run – it is no piece of cake. Therefore, to stay hydrated (read: alive), grab a fancy 500 ml capacity water bottle and consume your liquids – take occasional sips during the run.
To make it fun, chop up some strawberries, berries or squeeze some lemon for an infused delicious yet hydrating treat. Bear in mind, do not immediately down your bottle right after the run – allow your body temperature to cool down first.

Even though it’s a run, we all have different bodies that work in different ways. An athlete might run, but a tired 18 year old might walk, so don’t sweat it – breathe when you need to, and stop when you really feel uncomfortable, but challenge yourself throughout the run as much as you possibly can!

This is an often repeated mistake that a lot of people make. Granted, it is obvious your stomach would be growling for food after the run, but wait for at least an hour before having a meal, or else you’re messing with your digestive system.

Do not see the run as a burden, but rather a boost to your already fit self or the start of a healthy lifestyle. With such challenges made by the Fitness 30x30 team, there is a bigger vision for Dubai – for all its residents to come together as a community and create a healthier version of themselves.