Twinspiration in the UAE!

19 Mar 2013

Dubai's Twinsplus Festival celebrates all things doppelganger, so we meet some of the city's most glam sets of sisters

INFO: Dhs15, Friday 22 March, 10am to 7pm, Zabeel Park, Dubai,

Jen and Kate Smith
Meet Dubai’s very own Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Fashionista twins Jen and Kate Smith, 21, are the girls behind Dubai Desert Twins. The identical pair set up the blog six months ago to document UAE style, with the emphasis on high street rather than designer buys. They’ve been getting 150 hits a day, and are certain the fact they’re twins means they’ve got an edge over the hundreds of other fashion bloggers in Dubai.
Jen, who is 17 minutes older than Kate said, “Kate is the one that puts the photos on the blog, I write the descriptions, and we both go to events looking for stylish people. There are international bloggers who make a living from blogging. We’re aiming for that, but we’ve only been doing it for six months. If it was just me by myself I don’t think I’d get as many hits.”
She added: “We want to help people out with cheaper options. A lot of blogs here do Louis Vuitton, that kind of stuff. We want to show people you don’t have to buy expensive things. I like dresses and girly shoes, whereas Jen likes more edgy stuff.” The pair live with their parents in The Greens, but hail from Birmingham. They work in customer service for their dad’s firm, and dedicate their evenings to blogging. And while they can be spotted out at stylish events around the city, it’s not all glamour. Both girls are into football. They’ve been playing since they were nine and take to the pitch a few times a week at Safa Park. Aside from football strips they always dress differently, with Jen confessing she has more of a tomboy style. It’s only when they were kids that they used to confuse people. “We did play a trick on the teachers when we were really little. We switched classes. Nobody found out. We thought we were pretty cool,” reveals Kate. Love it!

Dee and Dal Haleem
They might not be identical twins, but Dee and Dal Haleem, 30, have followed the same career path, and have just launched a business together. The pair, who grew up in Maidenhead in the UK are hair and makeup artists working on weddings, shoots and events. Both gave up careers in marketing to set up their company.
Dee said, “It’s something we’ve always been into. Ever since we were younger we were doing each others makeup. We started doing makeup for friends, then some weddings, and then started realising we could start charging people.” Dal was born first by four minutes, and it was feared Dee wouldn’t survive as she only weighed a little over 3lb when she came into the world. Like most twins, their mum used to dress them the same, but now they both have different styles. Dal is married, while Dee lives at home with their Egyptian parents in Al Barsha.
The pair have had some strange twin experiences. Dee says: “Dal used to do loads of sports, and once she got injured really badly, she broke her knee, and for the entire day, for no reason my right knee was really hurting. Sometimes we’ll both just break into the same line of a random song.” They do occasionally disagree, though. Dal reveals: “Work is where we have most of our disputes. It’s mostly good, though I’m a workaholic and Dee’s a bit more laid back. Part of our selling point is that we’re our harshest critics. But it’s pretty awesome being a twin.”

Celebrity Twins
From the Olsen Sisters to Jedward, some twins have made it doubly famous. But did you know Scarlett Johansson, Alanis Morissette, Ashton Kutcher, Siva from The Wanted, Kiefer Sutherland and Olly Murs also have twins who don’t live in the spotlight? If only there were two Ryan Goslings or Liam Hemsworths!