Twilight Trivia

09 Nov 2011

Everything you didn’t know about Kristen, Robert and Taylor…

With Twilight hysteria descending on the Emirate, it’s time to swot up on your vampire knowledge. Here Ahlan! uncovers the secrets of the three leading characters. Who would have thought neither Kristen nor Robert had read the Twlight books when they auditioned? Make sure you enter our exclusive competition to win a ticket to the exclusive UAE premiere of Breaking Dawn Part One...

Robert Patterson

Despite now being one of the best paid and most recognized actors in Hollywood, before hitting the big time, Rob dreamed of becoming a political speechwriter. He unbelievably only starting his career on the big screen to avoid going to uni! And although over 5,000 actors auditioned for the role of Edward Cullen, Rob clinched the deal despite having never heard of the Twilight novel. Sweetly, he only attended casting because he liked his now-girlfriend Kristen’s performance in Into the Wild. But life hasn’t always been so rosy for Rob, whose sisters used to dress him up as a girl and introduce him to their friends as Claudia until he was twelve!

Kristen Stewart

With both of her parents working in film and TV, it isn’t surprising that Kristen ending up in the same industry - Her dad John Stewart currently works as a stage manager on Lopez Tonight. But Kristen initially dreamed of being a writer or director, saying, “I never wanted to be the centre of attention.” Despite her claims, she was only eight years old when she was spotted by a talent scout at a school Christmas play, and was nominated for a Young Artist Award for her performance in Panic Room, starring alongside Jodie Foster, just four years later. Very keen Kristen fans might have noticed a subtle difference between her and her Twilight character Bella Swan – Kristen has naturally green eyes, but wears brown contacts for filming to match Bella’s eye colour in the book.

Taylor Lautner

As well as being on most of the “hot young actors” lists, Taylor is also a professionally trained martial artist! He took his first karate class when he was six years old, and just two years later he represented the U.S. at the World Karate Association, where he won three gold medals. As well as acting in the Twilight films, he has worked as a voice actor for a number of flicks including He’s a Bully, Charlie Brown, Danny Phantom, and Duck Dodgers. Fans of the first film in the Twilight series will remember Taylor wearing that wig. Unsurprisingly it turns out he was not a fan, saying, “If you give it to me, I will probably burn it.”