TV Sequels, from the flops to the hits

As sequels to It’s a Wonderful Life and Dumb & Dumber are announced, we reveal our fave follow-ups… plus the flops that should’ve been canned
BySarah SwainFriday , 06 December 2013
Grease 2
Grease 2
Home Alone 2
Home Alone 2

Grease 2

Team Ahlan! is split over this one. Did Michelle Pfeiffer and ‘cool rider’ Maxwell Caulfield (who?) live up to the legacy of Sandy and Danny? We’re not sure. But we loved the epic motorbike stunts. And Michelle’s Eighties barnet. 

Verdict: Greased Lightning can strike twice

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Poor Macaulay Culkin got mislaid again, this time in the Big Apple. The festive flick saw him befriend a tramp in Central Park, save a toy shop from closure and splurge $967 on room service using his dad’s credit card. Love.

Verdict: Classic caper that’s not just for kids 

Austin Powers 2 : The Spy who S****** me

The sequel to Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, this psychedelic take on Bond flicks had us booing Dr Evil and his cat and humming along to the theme tune. We can’t even remember the first one.

Verdict: Austin really found his mojo in this movie


SJP and friends looked super-stylish strutting across the desert in Manolos, but this poorly received movie, set in Abu Dhabi, fell far short of a five-star rating.

Verdict: Don’t Carrie
on watching this one!

The Hangover part III

The original gang reunite for an unfunny romp in Mexico. At least we had Bradley Cooper to look at.

Verdict: A lame effort that’s sure to give you a bad head

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