Find out who Prince Harry had an alleged affair with!

TV presenter speaks up about dating a prince and a popstar!
ByHend FadelMonday , 12 October 2015
Find out who Prince Harry had an alleged affair with!
Prince Harry

British TV presenter, 35, revealed details of her past relationships which have emerged from her book that is set to be released on October 22nd. The personality mentioned what it was like to date a member of the royal family, Prince Harry and One Direction star, Harry Styles.

"To meet a prince is so unlikely, it would be weird not to acknowledge it," she writes in her book Storm In a C Cup, the pair was set up by a mutual friend and began dating in 2009. "However, once the story got out, that was it. We had to stop seeing each other.” Adding, "I was no longer Caroline Flack, TV presenter, I was Caroline Flack, Prince Harry's bit of rough. The thing about Prince Harry is that he has no choice. He's not some egotistical rock star who wants loads of attention. That is his life. He didn't ask for it, he just has to deal with it."

Caroline Flack also dated Harry Styles two years after breaking it off with Prince Harry. The One Direction star was 17 at the time and the presenter was 31. The pair first sparked speculation of a romance when they were caught on camera flirting during the X Factor, after he was questioned about it he admitted she was “hot”. Caroline was “flattered and found it amusing” but fans of the popstar were quite upset to say the least.

However, Caroline insists she was not prepared for the storm that erupted when it was revealed she was dating Harry Styles, stating the problems began after the One Direction singer was photographed leaving her house. "Once that was out, it was open season. After that anyone could say anything. Things got worse for Caroline as people in the streets “started shouting at me 'paedophile' and 'pervert'.”

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