Tuscan Scent

Discover the Salvatore Ferragamo’s fragrances inspired by the magical Italian Region
ByFrancesca MoserTuesday , 06 January 2015
Tuscan Scent
Tuscan Scent by Salvatore Ferragamo

With 2015 at the door it’s time to experiment new scents for the year ahead. Italians know one or two things about style and class, so what about embracing one of the fragrances created by the Italian fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo? These three unisex scents, which complement the Ferragamo’s Quintessential Collection, appeal very well to the Middle East market, while celebrating the natural beauty of Tuscany.

Through these unique fragrances, White Mimosa, Golden Acacia and Incense Suede you’ll be able to explore a sensorial path through the real scents and ingredients of Tuscany.

Choose your fave scent among the noble grace of white mimosa flowers created by Perfumer Christine Nagel, the golden scent of the acacia tree resin by Antonie Lie or go for the smoky notes and powerful fragrance of incense suede courtesy of Fabrice Pellegrin.

Thanks to its elegant and unique packaging this unique fragrance line is perfect for a special gift idea too. Its luxurious flacon, featuring a handmade cap made of the finest Tuscan briar root wood and a sophisticated black box with leather like touch and a shiny gold frame set this fragrance line as one of our top choices for the months ahead. So what scents are you?

INFO: Salvatore Ferragamo Tuscan Scent line is available at Paris Gallery, Lagoona Mall and Ezdan Mall, from 860QR