Tumblr fan Taylor Swift has turned off too-toxic Twitter

Tumblr fan Taylor Swift has turned off too-toxic Twitter

14 Dec 2019

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Taylor Swift has turned to Tumblr to interact with fans because she often finds Twitter "overwhelming".

The pop star gave the social media site a big boost earlier this year when she took to Tumblr to vent after Scooter Braun acquired her former record label - and with it the master recordings of her first six albums.

During her rant, she called Braun a "bully", insisted his takeover was her "worst case scenario", and vowed to re-record all her old songs and own the new works when her contract allowed her to - from November, 2020, and now she tells Billboard Tumblr has become her go-to sharing site.

"Tumblr is the last place on the internet where I feel like I can still make a joke because it feels small, like a neighbourhood, rather than an entire continent," she tells the outlet. "We can kid around... It’s fun. That’s a real comfort zone for me.

"Just like anything else, I need breaks from it sometimes. But when I do participate in that space, it’s always in a very inside-joke, friend vibe.

"Sometimes, when I open Twitter, I get so overwhelmed that I just immediately close it. I haven’t had Twitter on my phone in a while because I don’t like to have too much news.

'Like, I follow politics, and that’s it. But I don’t like to follow who has broken up with who, or who wore an interesting pair of shoes. There’s only so much bandwidth my brain can really have."

And when it all does get a little overwhelming, Taylor has a small group of friends and mentors she turns to, while becoming a mentor for younger artists who turn to her for advice.

"I get so many phone calls from new artists out of the blue - like, 'Hey, I’m getting my first wave of bad press, I’m freaking out, can I talk to you?' And the answer is always yas!" Swift adds.

"I’m talking about more than 20 people who have randomly reached out to me. I take it as a compliment because it means that they see what has happened over the course of my career, over and over again."