T'Town's Fat Twins

26 Jun 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

From Lindsay Lohan and Wynonna Jodd to Brad Pitt and Val Kilmer, we've matched our fave skinny stars with their considerably rounder celeb doubles. Don't judge us, judge them

Lindsay Lohan & Wynonna Judd
Flame red bouffant? Check. Prawn lipstick? Check. Smoky eyes? Wouldn’t leave home without 'em. Does jailbird actress Lindsay Lohan realise she’s turning into country star Wynonna Judd? Step away from the fried chicken, Linds, you’re dangerously close to a one-way ticket to Nashville.

Paris Hilton & Gemma Collins
These two reality TV stars share much more than a penchant for highly flammable hair extensions and soggy pink pouts. We reckon if Paris took her foot off the gas for two years, and really hit the lard hard, she could eat herself into becoming TOWIE Gemma’s body double. It’s uncanny.

Gary Barlow & James Corden
He used to be known as the chunky one in Take That, so he’s got form as a fatty, but what if currently svelte Gary Barlow went back to his portly ways? Is it possible that Gary could be just a few cakes away from becoming ex-Gavin & Stacey front man James Corden? He sooo could.

Christina Ricci & Rosie O’Donnell
The carefree brunette bob, the friendly smile, the cheeky glint in the eye. Ex-Pan Am star Christina Ricci better keep up the workouts unless she’s got a good stand-up routine to fall back on like our fave comely comedienne and presenter Rosie O’Donnell. We all know how hard Hollywood can be on big gals.

Britney Spears & Kirstie Alley
We’ll admit we didn’t see this one coming. Kirstie’s done a good job of fooling us with her yo-yo dieting and ever-changing barnet. But take a look at that slightly deranged facial expression, the bleached extensions and the brisket-esque tan. Britney Spears, a few dozen burger meals down the line, perhaps?

Brad Pitt & Val Kilmer
Brad, Brad, Brad. You might think you have it all – Ange on one arm, the best part of a junior league football team on the other and enough cash to keep yourself in overpriced beanies for 100 years – but look closer. Closer now, Brad. Who do you see? It’s Val Kilmer, isn’t it? Just put that falafel down, it’s not worth it.

Kelly Rowland & Oprah winfrey
The big O’s weight fluctuates more than P-Middy’s popularity ratings, but we reckon if she lost a few pounds, she could saddle-up alongside Beyoncé and start belting out a few old Destiny’s Child numbers. Or, alternatively, Kel could start chowing down and munch herself into a primetime talk show slot.

Gerard Butler & Russell Crowe
Yes, Gerard, you’re looking pretty hot now, we’ll give you that, but rugged good looks and a way with the ladies can’t save you from the power of the pies. Just ask your lardy lookalike Russell Crowe. He let his diet and gym routine slide and his Gladiator bod soon followed – let that be a lesson to you.