The Truth Behind P Diddy's 'Migraine'

22 Feb 2012

Clue: It happened as he was partying at the Playboy mansion

We know migraines can be crippling, but there are a few elements in the recent story about P.Diddy being rushed to hospital with a migraine that we find suspect – like the fact that he was partying at the Playboy mansion when he fell ill. Throw in a few buxom playmates and we’re thinking maybe it wasn’t a migraine but rather the ladies making Diddy’s head spin?

After a weekend of A-list celebrations – including Clive Davis’ pre-Grammys party in Beverly Hills followed the next night by the Diddy-hosted party at Hugh’s place – it sounds like the rapper came down with a severe case of too much fun. From Hefner’s house he tweeted, “This is actually one of the HOTTEST parties I’ve ever thrown! Right now at the Playboy Mansion! Let’s goooooooo!” Unfortunately, the only place Diddy was going was UCLA hospital to treat his head pains.

Getting back home, he tweeted, “Thanks for all the twitter love! I’m fine. I just had the craziest migraine. I’m just sleeping it off now.” After that gathering we guess he wasn’t the only one who needed to “sleep it off”

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