Trouble in Paradise for the Kardashians

Kim fears Kanye will leave her, as Khloe is called a liar and Kendall goes boy crazy
ByJJ AnisiobiThursday , 09 October 2014
Trouble in Paradise for the Kardashians

They’re supposed to have a very honest relationship which is going to stand the test of time, but things could already be on the rocks for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The power couple are said to be struggling to see eye to eye after Kanye went berserk at his wife when inappropriate pictures of her were leaked online that he’d never seen before.

“Kanye was seething with jealousy and angry that he has no control over who can see the images”

Kanye Went Crazy
Mr West lost his temper when the compromising images of his wife taking a full-frontal selfie in the bathroom mirror appeared online because he’d never seen the snaps before. Presumably, Kim often sends Kanye personal photographs, but these images were new to the rapper, prompting him to question for whom the saucy snaps were intended. A source told Closer magazine: “Kanye loves seeing her in revealing outfits like she wore in Paris last week and [Kim] often posts sexy selfies she’s taken, but he’d never seen these photos before and thinks Kim must have taken them before they got together, for an ex-boyfriend.” The insider added: “He was seething with jealousy and angry that he has no control over who can see the images. He even accused Kim of still being in contact with some of her exes.”

Ray J

Brand Kimye is Broken
Even though Kim, 33, has tried her utmost to convince the father of her child that she hasn’t been speaking to any of her former flames, who include NFL footballer Reggie Bush, ex-hubby Kris Humphries and singer Ray J, Kanye, 37, is still livid and convinced she’s been in contact with someone. “Kim has been in tears about the whole thing. She’s tried to calm Kanye down and asked her legal team to have the photos removed from as many online sites as possible,” the source said. Even though Yeezy knows Kim’s not really at fault in the situation, he’s still deeply hurt by it and gutted that his efforts to change her image have been knocked so badly by this scandal. The source added: “He’s been trying hard to steer Kim’s career and rebrand them as a power couple and he doesn’t want anything to damage that.” Kim’s now said to be seriously afraid that the Bound 2 rapper could leave her because the tension between them has supposedly become unbearable. 

Kendall and Justin enjoyed a lunch date

Kendall’s Bad-Boy Obsession 
Kendall Jenner has been upping the crazy factor by confessing her love for two of the baddest boys in music. Friends and family members are concerned that the budding model is heading for trouble after getting a little too close to Justin Bieber and ex-convict Chris Brown.

Kendall, 18, is reportedly infatuated with Chris and says she’s fallen head over heels for the Loyal hitmaker, 25, despite the fact he’s still in a relationship with long-suffering girlfriend Karrueche Tran. A source close to the brunette beauty told Us Weekly magazine she’s become “obsessed” with the troubled star after partying with him several times in recent months. The insider said Jenner had gone back to Chris’ house in Los Angeles after the MTV Video Music Awards in August, where they “hung out until 5am.” The source added that her mum, Kris, “hates” that her daughter “is into bad boys”. 

Kendall’s taste in men has also caused issues for Selena Gomez, who was reportedly heartbroken after learning that Kendall had been on a date with Justin. The Baby crooner was spotted sipping bubbly with her at Michelin-starred restaurant Ferdi in Paris while Gomez was sightseeing with friends in the city. Bieber arrived with the reality TV star in a chauffeur-driven black car, but rushed inside in a bid to avoid photographers. Shortly after their lunch, Justin, 20, wrote on Twitter: “I love Paris”.

Khloé posted this pic after Gunnar had

The Great Pretender
Khloé caught lying about her “intense” gym routine

If Khloé is trying to land lucrative new endorsements she’s going to have to be a lot smarter about how she presents herself. The unlucky-in-love Kardashian fell foul of the Instagram police after trying to fool the public into thinking she’d been working out extra-hard recently.

Khloé, 30, tried to pull the wool over our eyes by posting an image on her social media account of herself lying on the floor of a gym, looking exhausted following a brutal session of cardio. She captioned the image: “Today was intense, lol, I was gym road kill.” Unfortunately, eagle-eyed Instagram users quickly noticed that the exact same picture had been posted a week earlier by her trainer Gunnar Peterson, thus proving that Khloé was a liar. The only difference between the two pics was a filter that Kardashian had used to try and make herself look more seductive. We wonder what the curvy star was really doing on the day she claimed to have been working out!

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