Tried & Tested: Vertical Aerobics

29 Nov 2011

Shape reader Nirvana Govender on her aerobics experience

Reader: Nirvana Govender
"I didn’t think it would be for me as I tend to have a phobia of group exercise classes. I’ve always thought of myself as having two left feet, so I’ve always chosen to go running or hiking. However, I was completely taken by surprise at how simple it was to get started in this class.

The session started with a variety of warm up exercises and then we worked our way through to the vertical aerobic exercises while hanging onto a pole. My abs, upper arm and thigh muscles were seriously put to the test. The moves were done to hip hop music, which was really energetic and fun. I was pleased that there were no slow moving songs otherwise that would have seemed a bit sleazy. We finished with a variety of stretching exercises.

When the class ended I felt invigorated, empowered and confident – so I signed up for the five week course there and then!"