Tried and Tested: The Full Monty

Trying out 'the ultimate toning and tightening treatment'
ByNaomi ChaddertonMonday , 30 May 2016
Tried and Tested: The Full Monty

I’ve been a huge fan of the SensAsia Urban Spa group. I’ve tried out a few of their venues and they just get it right every time. To be honest, they blow a lot of the five star hotel establishments out of the water. So I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with The Full Monty treatment, which I wanted to try out as a complement to my diet and hectic workout schedule, being dubbed ‘the ultimate toning and tightening treatment’. The atmosphere in the Palm branch was as serene as always, and after a dreamy welcoming foot ritual, it was straight into the first part of the treatment, and the triple strength exfoliation. The Fully Monty uses only Mio Skincare products – an organic, celeb-favourite line that Khloé Kardashian recently said she used every day for a year. This treatment focuses on the stomach and thigh area, starting with the latter and working its way up. Designed to remove dead skin cells, the scrub was pleasantly gentle, and was followed by a lymphatic massage with a lotion comprising a blend of 10 essential oils (including safflower seed, jojoba seed and sweet almond), to activate circulation. You’re then wrapped up in a mineral-rich algae mask which has fat-melting ingredients – hurrah! – to tighten the skin. It’s cooling to the point of freezing, but I liked that you could feel it working. The therapist also treated me to an amazing leg and arm massage while the wrap did its work.

Results: As far as toning treatments go, this was by far one of the most relaxing, but the tingling sensation from the wrap meant I knew it was getting the job done. It’s recommended to have six for real results, but I woke the next morning with a slightly flatter stomach and firmer legs, so it was definitely worth it! 

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