Trending: Chocolate

Trending: Chocolate

02 Sep 2014

Everyone in the UAE is mad for chocolate and it’s popping up in the strangest of places…

Chocolate Sushi

Dubai has developed a number of outlets that make this Japanese inspired dessert. The best we’ve tasted is at the Vintage Chocolate Lounge, where assorted rolls of chocolate are filled with a white chocolate cheese, truffle mousse, nuts and coconut.

INFO: Dhs45, next to Reel Cinemas, Dubai Mall, 04 339 9595,

Chocolate Fried Chicken

One of the newest restaurants to open their doors in LA, is ‘ChocoChicken’, a restaurant serving fried chicken coated in bittersweet cooking chocolate before being fried in chocolate oil. Served up with chocolate ketchup, sides include white chocolate mashed potatoes and duck fat fries with chocolate seasoning. It’s gaining momentum and a loyal fan following, with one diner tweeting, “I’ve found the end of the rainbow, and it’s the food at @EatChocoChicken. Best fried chicken ever. And biscuits. And everything”. Is this another franchise we’ll see in the UAE soon? Time will tell!


Nutella Bar

Eataly, a temple for Italian artisanal food products, has introduced one of its most popular US concepts to Dubai Mall – the Nutella Bar. Dedicated to the adored choco-hazelnut spread, this is where you can indulge stuffed brioche, crepes and even strawberries and cream, served with generous lashings of chocolatey goodness!

INFO: 9am-12 midnight, lower ground floor, Dubai Mall, 04 330 8899,

Chocolate Shawarma

Fusing the popular doner kebab with a chocolate variety, an eatery in Kreuzberg, Germany called ‘Taste Away’ are pioneering a new food trend; replacing the traditional meat, salad and sauce wrapped in bread with a dessert version that includes shavings of chocolate, whipped cream and fruit wrapped in a crepe. After some research, we found this fabulous machine that can allow you to recreate it at home! 

INFO: Dhs30,000,

Chocoholic Brunch

After a long lazy summer, brunch is back! Catering to the most discerning chocoholic is the Sanabel Restaurant, who along with their savoury spread of saj, tandoori and sushi, have created a buffet made from 100kgs of chocolate. Here you’ll find everything from chocolate pastries to chocolate art sculptures, a secret chocolate barbecue sauce and fashionable sweet treats made in the shape of shoes and handbags. Social media addicts will love their chocolate photo booth complete with edible props to share the moment!

INFO: 12.30pm-4.30pm, Dhs375 including house drinks and bubbles, Dhs275 including house drinks, Dhs175 including soft drinks, Sheraton Dubai Mall of the Emirates, 04 377 2000, www.sheratondubaimalloftheemirates

Chocolate Chip Salad?

A US based company called SaladShots are trying to reinvent salad dressings by combining comfort foods with healthy eating. Sold in portable single-serve pouches, you can expect to see new quirky flavours that will adorn your veggies in the future, like chocolate chip and peanut butter and jelly.  As disgusting as it sounds, founder Adam Rubin explains, “The chocolate chip dressing isn't chocolate sauce. It’s a chocolate cranberry balsamic that goes well with kale, broccoli and a range of toppings like nuts, croutons, and raisins.”


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