Trend Watch: Bangs

18 Mar 2013

From Taylor Swift to Emma Stone, all the celebs are wearing them!

Suddenly it seems bangs are everywhere: Emma Stone, Taylor Swift and even the First Lady have been spotted sporting a brow-skimmer. “The new fuller fringe is easy to wear for almost everyone,” says Dickey, owner of Hair Rules Salon. Not so sure you can pull them off? Follow his tips to break down the bang barriers:

A Cowlick/ “Longer fringe that falls below the eyebrows will help weigh one down,” says Dickey, who recommends blow-drying your bangs before styling the rest of your hair.
A Round Face/ “If bangs are left a little longer by the temples, they can actually elongate the shape of your face,” he explains.
Curls/ Use a flat iron to straighten them, or rock wavy bangs. To try before you chop, snap in falsies; we like Bango Tango Clip-In Blunt Bangs from Dancing With the Stars by POP (Dhs80,