Trend Alert: Blonde Hair & Bobs

All of our favorite style icons are sporting blonde hair!
ByMegan Chotrani Wednesday , 22 June 2016
Trend Alert: Blonde Hair & Bobs
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Bella Hadid

It seems blonde hair or chopped locks are going to be the biggest trend of summer this year, as more and more celebs are hopping on train for cool blonde hues or cropped hair, following the footsteps of stars like Taylor Swift, Emma Stone and Lucy Hale. Here, we give you 6 photos of our favourite A-listers giving us major inspiration for summer. Looks like cropped hair and icey blondes is going to be our way of keeping cool for the summer.


 Bella Hadid

It seems not even Bella Hadid, the broody sister of Gigi Hadid, can resist the siren call of the summer to switch up to lighter and shorter locks. The model sported platinum blonde hair complete with a cheeky bubble gum pink ombré fade on Instagram. Whether the change is permanent or not, Bella Hadid sure is making us envious of her summery locks.


Shay Mitchell

The gorgeous Pretty Little Liars star debuted a honey blonde wig (cheating but still) on a red carpet event. The lighter locks added depth and volume to her hair, while still making her seem sultry and stylish.


Emma Roberts

Our secret favourite Scream Queens star chopped off her strawberry coloured hair for a blonde bob. We love that it’s so cute yet sleek, and a great way to save your strands from damage.


 Lana Del Ray

The Summertime Sadness singer makes our summer a lot happier by sporting brand new bright blonde hair that added to her California girl vibe.


  Kendall Jenner

The supermodel didn’t go blonde, but did give us a cheeky sneak-peak of her new lob on Snap Chat. Is that breezy, piecey, easy look only achievable by models?


 Victoria Beckham

We’re feeling major Posh Spice vibes right now because Victoria Beckham chopped off her long sleek hair for a lob and highlights. Perf.


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