Treatment of the Week: Revital Radio Frequency Facial Treatment

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Tuesday , 14 February 2012
Treatment of the Week: Revital Radio Frequency Facial Treatment
Revital Radio Frequency Facial Treatment

What: Revital Radio Frequency Facial Treatment

Where: Rebecca Treston Aesthetics

How long: Around 60 minutes per session, with four to six sessions one to three weeks apart recommended; results most visible six months following treatment; quarterly maintenance treatments may be beneficial

How much: Dhs1,500 per session; packages available at a discount

Radio frequency (RF) technology is commonly used in the treatment of lax skin. In this treatment, the mix of unipolar and bipolar frequencies target both the epidermis (outer layer) and dermis (lower layer) of skin, stimulating collagen production and increasing circulation. In effect, the tissue deep within the skin is damaged by the RF and in repairing itself it shrinks and tightens, just as scar tissue does, causing a visible external lift. There’s no damage to the surface of the skin at all.

A cold flat plate of metal was placed under my back to work as a conductor and then a handheld metal device was massaged over my face in firm circular strokes. At times the heat emitted became uncomfortable, bordering on painful, but as the device is always moving the heat never became too intense.

The result: Immediately after the first session I noticed my skin seemed tighter and more toned. I was impressed enough to book a course of three treatments. Results are only fully visible after six months. The overall effect was subtle (no one accused me to having a facelift, disappointingly), but, of all the treatments I’ve tried, this has been the most effective in providing a lift in the jowl region. If I could afford it I would do the follow-up maintenance plan.

INFO: Rebecca Treston Aesthetics, Euro Med Clinic, 04 394 5422,

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