Treatment of the Week: Paraffin Wax Facial

Sophie Dahl's a fan and so are we!
Wednesday , 07 March 2012
Treatment of the Week: Paraffin Wax Facial
Rach goes under the wax – don't try this at home

WHAT: A moisturising facial using hot wax to improve complexion and make skin glow

WHERE: Merle Norman Studio, Beach Road, Dubai, 04 344 0502,

HOW LONG: 60 minutes approximately

HOW MUCH: Dhs350

THE TREATMENT: We’ve heard Sophie Dahl’s a fan of paraffin wax facials and after one look at her fab complexion, we thought we’d try it out. The treatment starts with the therapist applying a gel with a vibrating brush, followed by a tingling mask and then a thick intensive moisturiser, which is massaged in for about 10 minutes. Next comes the wax! First, the therapist covers your eyes with soft pads and your entire face with a piece of mesh, before applying the hot wax to your neck, working up to your forehead, leaving only lips and nostrils uncovered. Paraffin wax is used as it has a high heat capacity, retaining it for a long time. The heat opens your pores, loosening the dirt in your skin and removing stubborn blackheads and pimples. The warmth also makes blood vessels in your face expand, brightening your complexion.

After about 15 minutes, the wax is removed (without pulling your skin, thanks to the mesh film), and then a final layer of moisturiser is applied and, voila, complexion is boosted.

THE RESULTS: Walking into work the next day, the first thing a colleague said to me was “Wow, your skin looks amazing!” After just one session, my complexion was brighter and more radiant, and my skin felt incredibly soft and smooth. The wax mask may look and feel a bit odd, but as long as you’re not claustrophobic it’s fine. The weirdest part was having your eyes covered and being left alone for 15 minutes (which felt like forever) while the wax cooled, but it was worth the wait. As for the studio itself, don’t expect a spa, but let the results speak for themselves.