Treatment Review: Jetlag Massage

Treatment Review: Jetlag Massage

11 Jan 2014

Perfect for the busy traveller!

WHERE: Ritz-Carlton, JBR, Dubai, 04 318 6520

HOW LONG: One hour or 90 minutes

HOW MUCH: Dhs480 for one hour, Dhs660 for 90 minutes

THE TREATMENT: The Jetlag massage is designed for busy travellers like Adriana as the perfect antidote to a long-haul flight. I turned up at the spa one sleepy afternoon, having landed in Dubai from England in the early hours of that day. Despite having had 10 hours’ sleep in the meantime, I was exhausted. Luckily, my therapist, Pinky, was on hand to help. First, she asked me to choose an essential oil blend from the Natura Bissé range, a fave with celebs. I went for lemongrass, and we discussed my expectations – did I want to feel energised or relaxed? Despite opting for the former, I soon drifted into a slumber as Pinky gave me a lovely, if rather firm, massage. Starting at my feet and working her way up to my shoulders, she used vigorous Swedish techniques to ease my tense, knotted muscles. Afterwards, I chilled out in a dressing gown, eating dates and sipping jasmine tea by the spa’s outdoor pool.

THE RESULT: Rather than going back to bed when I got home, I felt alert enough to unpack and even do some cooking! The package also includes use of the spa’s lap pool, steam room, relaxation lounge and hot and cool plunge pools – the perfect rejuvenation solution!