Treatment Tried & Tested at Habibs Hair & Beauty, Doha

Treatment Tried & Tested at Habibs Hair & Beauty, Doha

26 Jun 2014

Nail Extensions with shellac, tested by Victoria

Habibs Hair and Beauty Salon is an internationally well-recognised brand with over 322 branches all over the world. In Doha, it is a fully serviced salon that offers ranges for hair, nails, body and skin treatments for women.

Nail Extensions with Shellac

For the nails, Habibs Hair & Beauty has a very qualified and experienced nail technician, Miss Hope. I was not really sure what I wanted for my nails but I explained to her that I was going to a black tie event and I needed glamorous nails. So Hope suggested for Nail Extensions with Shellac and Nail art. She also had pictures of different nail arts to choose from.

My nail extension was sculpted out of acrylic. The acrylic was used as the medium of the process, and Hope, the nail technician, sculpted and created an amazingly realistic nail out of the acrylic! After creating my new elongated nails the process of Shellac was applied.

CND Shellac begins with the CND Shellac base coat, then Hope integrated the design on my nails using CND Shellac colour coats, then ended it off with a CND Shellac top coat. Each coating was cured under the UV lamp. CND Shellac is highly recommended as it dries off completely after the treatment and lasts up to at least two weeks!

The Verdict

Depending on your design I would recommend to allocate three to four hours for the Acrylic nail extensions with shellac. After the procedure it will take a bit of time to get use to having long nails in an instant! I even found it a bit difficult to use my phone afterwards. But the end result are not only long glamorous nails but also long-lasting colours!


Glam-look make-up QR500, hair-do QR500, acrylic nail extensions QR370, acrylic nail extensions with shellac QR370+QR80, acrylic nail extensions with shellac and nail art QR370+QR80+QR10 per nail (depending on the design).

INFO: Villa # 215 Rawdat Al Khail Street, Muntaza Road, Al Hilal Area, opposite Opera Café, Doha, 44130672,

So if you've got a grand event to go to, this is the place to get scrubbed up!