Treatment Review: Zoom Teeth Whitening

Your teeth whitened, polished and scaled to perfection!
Thursday , 27 December 2012
Ready for the bleach!
Ready for the bleach!
The results one hour later!
The results one hour later!

WHAT: Zoom! teeth whitening plus scaling and polishing session.
WHERE: Drs Nicolas & Asp, Uptown Mirdif, open 8am to 8pm, 04 288 4411,
HOW LONG: 2 Hours
HOW MUCH: Dhs3,400
THE TREATMENT: Zoom! whitening is hugely popular with celebs and we can see why. It’s fast, relatively painless and makes your smile look better for years! Considering it takes as long as getting your hair done, it’s a great investment. Drs Nicolas & Asp offer a full whitening package, not just a Zoom! treatment. To start, I had a teeth whitening consultation where my hygienist, Marelize, made sure I was a suitable candidate for Zoom! Then I had a scaling and polishing session before the bleach was applied. When it was time for the whitening, a rubber gum protector was inserted, which looks huge but didn’t hurt a bit. A rubbery bond was then applied on my gums to protect them from the four 15 minute Zoom! sessions where bleach was applied to my teeth followed by a UV light. With a movie on my iPhone to watch, the sessions went by quickly!
THE RESULTS: My teeth took to the bleach so well that I only needed three sessions instead of the four for very white teeth. My teeth were a little sensitive during the third bleach application, but not so painful that I needed to stop. I was given a Vitamin E solution to apply and by the following day, the sensitivity was totally gone. I was given a home whitening kit to top up my smile every few months and with some red lipstick, my teeth haven’t looked this good in years!

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