Treatment Review: Zoom Teeth Whitening

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Wednesday , 02 May 2012
Treatment Review: Zoom Teeth Whitening
Before Rach saw the light: After, pearly white – ting!

WHAT: A quick single-session teeth-whitening procedure
WHERE:  Dr Joy Dental Clinic, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah, 04 328 5332,,
HOW LONG: 60 to 90 minutes
HOW MUCH: Dhs2,100
THE TREATMENT: What do Cheryl Cole, Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul all have in common, except being fired from The X Factor? They all have brilliantly white teeth, and I wanted them too. Zoom whitening, the procedure featured in TV shows such as Extreme Makeover, has come to the UAE and has been rated the number one whitening system by the Dental Advisor.
My dentist started the procedure by making impressions of my teeth which he used later to customise a home care kit. After fixing my mouth open, covering my gums and exposing my teeth, the dentist applied a whitening gel and positioned a Zoom ultraviolet lamp, designed to heat the gel, over my teeth. I then needed to have three 15-minute sessions, in between which the gel was removed and reapplied. It wasn’t exactly painful, but my bottom teeth became so sensitive in the third session that I called a stop to it after 10 minutes. The weirdest part was sitting with my mouth held open for so long, but while the gel was working its magic I was given a pair of sci-fi video screen glasses hooked up to a laptop that showed a film to distract me.
THE RESULTS: My teeth felt very sensitive for the first few hours but by the evening they were back to normal. I was advised to avoid any red or brown food or drink for the next 48 hours.
This treatment is designed to make your teeth as white as they can be naturally, rather than looking fake. My teeth were unevenly coloured with white tips and yellow roots before the treatment, and afterwards they were an even white. I was given a home care whitening booster and a retainer moulded to my mouth shape to use one week after the treatment, and with this I could see an even bigger difference! It’s advised to have two rounds of the treatment to make your teeth six to seven shades lighter, but mine are white enough after just one session and results last up to two to three years.

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