Treatment Review: Thai Yoga Stretch Massage

20 Aug 2012

Stimulate muscles with yoga moves

What: A dry massage that stimulates muscles with yoga moves
Where: SensAsia Urban Spa, Emirates Golf Club, 04 417 9820,
How Much: Dhs350
How Long: 60 minutes
The Treatment: Thai massage is sometimes referred to as ‘lazy yoga’ because your therapist will jump up on the massage table and use her own body to push and pull yours through a series of yoga-style stretches. The aim is to increase flexibility and relieve muscular tension and emotional stress; the moves also boost circulation and the overall effect on the body can be very energising.
What I love about this style of massage is that – when done correctly like it is here – you don’t have to strip down to a pair of paper pants. Instead you wear classic Thai pyjamas, and there’s no oil, which means you’re good to go straight after treatment – no shower needed. This makes Thai massage the perfect lunch-break body booster.
Yes, you’ll hear a few clicks – my SensAsia therapist popped several knots, but to me the sound was as gratifying as the opening of a bottle of bubbly. And, yes, some of the stretches will hurt a little bit, but you can ask your therapist to ease off whenever you feel the need. But remember the old adage: no pain, no gain. The point is to be stretched – just go with it.
The Results: Firstly, I adore the venue. Some spas offer bowls of fruit; SensAsia has 15 perfect polished green apples individually placed in recesses in a contrasting lilac wall, which tells you everything you need to know about the style quota at SensAsia. From cerise and grey satin panels decorating walls to an eclectic choice of spa music, this place is more fashion-conscious than your average spa.
Secondly, after just one treatment, I feel taller and more relaxed. I recommend everyone have a regular weekly Thai massage to help maintain flexibility and reduce stress levels – and if you’re going to give Thai massage a try, there are few more luxurious settings than SensAsia at Emirates Golf Club. If only every day could start with an hour-long massage here!

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