Treatment Review: Talise Anti-Ageing Signature Facial

Youthful results minus Botox or surgery
Tuesday , 04 September 2012
Treatment Review: Talise Anti-Ageing Signature Facial
Best for chilling

What: Talise Anti-Ageing Signature Facial
Where: Talise, The Spa for Self Discovery at Jumeirah Emirates Towers, 04 319 8181; open daily from 9am until 11pm
How Long: 90 minutes
How Much: Dhs695

THE TREATMENT: Ever wondered how so many celebs stay looking youthful? The answer isn’t always Botox or plastic surgery – decent results can be seen with a simple and effective anti-ageing facial. Just ask Julia Roberts. The Talise Anti-Ageing Signature Facial is perfect for skin like mine that suffers from a lacklustre no-glow with the first fine lines starting to appear.
It’s developed to give an intense boost to skin with a variety of vitamins and minerals delivered in a warm mask which helps open pores to aid absorption. It also gently cleanses and nourishes the skin to restore its natural balance. 

THE RESULTS: The treatment’s very relaxing – so relaxing in fact that I fell asleep during it, so this is top of my list for stress relief. It also cleared up my oily skin and left it feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. Friends even commented how fresh-faced I looked! I don’t think I looked any younger, but I definitely looked healthier and with regular visits the anti-ageing effects would be more apparent, and definitely a more pleasant experience than Botox injections.

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