Treatment Review: Skinny Mini/Detox Delight Combo

25 Oct 2012

Drop those inches fast

WHAT: A body and diet treatment designed to drop inches.
WHERE: SensAsia, for branches see; Detox Delight,
HOW LONG: 90 mins, but allow up to three hours with measuring.
HOW MUCH: Skinny Mini, Dhs515; Detox Delight, Dhs530 per day.
THE TREATMENT: During Breast Cancer Awareness month, SensAsia have partnered up with Detox Delight (the UAE’s amazing new dial-a-detox service) to offer customers a combined cleanse and detox programme to bust cellulite and drop inches – fast! Pick one of SensAsia’s ‘SensConscious’ anti-cellulite or inch-loss therapies and for an additional fee, you can also pick up a Detox Delight package comprising a liquid-only diet to boost your results. I picked the Skinny Mini with a one-day detox programme for a quick 24-hour pre-party shape-up.
An algae and clay mask was applied to my stomach and thighs. The algae aids detoxification and the clay helps conduct a current through the body delivered via pads attached to the body. The current can be as powerful as you can handle – it basically contracts your muscles for you, which feels odd, but not that dissimilar to an intense targeted gym workout. Apparently, the current also pumps out toxins via the lymph nodes. You’ll look like a cross between a mummy and Frankenstein in your white wrapping with cables attached, but during Halloween we couldn’t think of a better time to try this treatment.
THE RESULTS: You need to do up to 10 sessions to see real results, but combined with the Detox Delight, one sesh is a good way to flatten a potbelly before a big event.