Treatment Review: Pillow Talk Massage

Designed to get you a great night's sleep!
Friday , 03 May 2013
Best for a good night's sleep
Best for a good night's sleep
Hot cocoa with marshmallows
Hot cocoa with marshmallows

WHAT: Pillow Talk Massage
WHERE: SensAsia Urban Spas, 04 417 9820,
HOW LONG: 60 minutes
HOW MUCH: Dhs350
THE TREATMENT: As a working mum of two (three if you include the husband) who burns the candle at both ends, a good full night’s sleep is a real luxury. This lavender-scented experience has been created to encourage just that. The ritual starts with a lavender and milk foot soak to ‘cleanse mind and soul’ – and presumably your feet too. A heated bed (somewhat too hot initially for my liking) is your massage table from which I looked down on a crescent moon drawn into a bowl of sand – a nice touch that’s meant to focus the mind, apparently. For the next hour I was massaged firmly, but not too vigorously, using pressure point Chinese massage techniques from head to toe. After the treatment I was shown into the relaxation area where I was offered hot cocoa with marshmallows – just delightful! Also worth a mention are the pants. The knickers claim to be the ‘comfiest spa panties in town,’ which is saying something considering spa pants normally resemble a baggy nappy. Being elastic and black, I have to agree. These French-style briefs were skin tight and will snugly fit all sizes – with no resemblance to a diaper at all.
THE RESULTS: When I left the spa at lunchtime I just thought it had been a lovely, relaxing experience. When I got home I didn’t feel particularly tired, but after getting  my daughters into bed at 7pm I thought I’d have a little sit down on the sofa before preparing dinner. I was woken up at 10pm by my hubby and went straight to bed where I slept until 7am! That was the first 12-hour stretch of sleep I’d had in years. So does it really work? It most definitely does!

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