Treatment Review: Nourishing Journey

A super-detoxifying wrap plus amaze massage equals baby-soft skin and total relaxation
Wednesday , 10 April 2013
Treatment Review: Nourishing Journey

WHAT: Nourishing Journey, a detoxifying
body wrap followed by a muscle-melting massage   
Soma Spa, Pullman Deira City Centre, 04 603 8275,
120 minutes
Dhs600, valid till 31 June 2013
THE TREATMENT: Perched on the seventh floor of
the Pullman Deira City Centre, Soma has an instant calming air about it. Think pristine
white walls and roof, lounger-inspired chairs and perky blue cushions. Add a
fresh mint-pineapple welcome drink to this and the good vibe gets stronger. I
appreciate it, more so because it's my first stop at the end of a hectic work week.
Once we get to the treatment room, the therapist starts by scrubbing my body with a divine-smelling almond-orange fruit
and nut body polish. Polishing complete, it's time for the super-expensive and
super-detoxifying French green clay ocean wrap. It maintains the skin's
moisture levels while increasing the body's energy levels and while it smells
like, well, seaweed, it obviously does its job incredibly. When I head to
the shower to wash off the wrap after about 20 minutes, my skin already feels
really, really soft. Back on the bed again, I get a massage that's all about long, deep, rhythmic strokes that
have my muscles floating into uber-relaxed mode. I could actually feel the stress melting away, one stroke at a time. Bliss!   
THE RESULTS: I felt completely relaxed by the
end of the massage and my skin was really superbly soft. I even felt it had a
sheen to it! 

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