Treatment Review: Naturally Blissful Body Rituals Treatment

09 Jul 2013

Tested by Catriona

WHAT: Naturally Blissful Body Rituals Treatment
WHERE: Ritz-Carlton, Dubai, JBR, 04 399 4000,
HOW LONG: 1 hour, 50 minutes
HOW MUCH: Dhs750
THE TREATMENT: The Ritz-Carlton in JBR has unveiled a whole new wing, and with it a magnificent new spa. With separate quarters for men and women and a dedicated Hammam area, this mystical Arabian-themed spa is one of a kind. My therapist greets me with a glass of date juice and allows me to pick between Wild Berry or Thai Green Tea and Lemongrass as the basis for my treatment. Both options are great for detoxing, but I go for the Wild Berry as it smells wonderful! My treatment is going to consist of a full body exfoliation, body mask and a massage and almost guarantees glowing skin. Once settled in my room, my body exfoliation begins. It feels great, but as I’m being scrubbed into oblivion, panic sets in that it might cause me to lose my barely-there tan. However, my therapist assures me that in fact the scrub causes the opposite and will help improve my colour! Once completely scrubbed, I am cocooned in a body wrap so my skin can soak up all the berry goodness as my therapist gives me a head massage. Then off to the shower I go to wash off the scrub, before a whole body massage completes the amazing ritual.
THE RESULTS: Aside from being more relaxed than I have ever felt, my skin felt totally rejuvenated. It was super smooth and soft and I smelt of lush berries all evening!