Treatment Review: Meditation Massage

Check out the massage using Australian Aboriginal techniques
Monday , 28 January 2013
Treatment Review: Meditation Massage
Best for complete relaxation

WHAT: A massage using Australian Aboriginal techniques
WHERE: Eforea Spa, Hilton Doha, Diplomatic District Street, West Bay Doha, 6615 5441,
HOW LONG: 60 minutes
THE TREATMENT: The treatment began with a herbal foot bath and the clapping of Aboriginal-style wooden carvings directly in front of body to send sound vibrations through specific energy points – strangely, with my eyes closed, I did feel the vibrations! Then I was laid out on the massage table for an oil-based massage. Strokes were deep and rhythmic, inspired by traditional Australian Aboriginal Pekiri massage (which felt very similar to the Swedish variety), and I was given a choice of native aromatic oils pre-massage so that I could pick the scent I was most drawn to – their functions were to rejuvenate, harmonise or detoxify (the latter is good for cellulite, my therapist told me).
THE RESULTS: After an hour I felt calm and collected and drifted outdoors to enjoy a peaceful lunch at the Hilton’s poolside restaurant while soaking up the ‘sun, sea and sand’ view. I suggest anyone having a treatment here does the same to elongate the relaxed state they’ll put you in.

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