Treatment Review: Elemis Visible Brilliance Facial

08 Jul 2013

Think total cleansing and pampering for your face, quite brilliant!

WHAT: A facial that cleanses, pampers and soothes your skin thoroughly.
WHERE: Cleopatra’s Spa and Wellness, Pyramids, Wafi, 04 324 0000,
HOW LONG: 75 minutes
HOW MUCH:  Dhs570
THE TREATMENT: Seeing as it’s inspired by the legendary Egyptian queen whose name it shares, Cleopatra’s Spa got a standout luxe vibe about it. Tucked inside Pyramids, it’s got rich colours populating its interiors and there’s a definite sense of opulence, all the more welcome as you get ready for a spa day. I’m there to try out Visible Brilliance, one of the Elemis family of facials they offer, and considering the state of my skin (slammed by the summer sun!), it’s much needed.
In the able hands of Mary Grace, the facial starts off with deep cleansing. The rose petal cleanser used smells divine and already I’m headed towards spa nirvana. Having determined in our consultation earlier that I have combination skin and open pores, Mary chooses lavender for the recovery capsule, which promotes elasticity and healing. Exfoliation and extraction are next and I feel the twinges of all the debris coming off my face. It’s just the teeniest bit uncomfortable but it needs to be done. Next up is an amino peel-off mask to smoothen and brighten, this has a super-thick consistency and feels quite decadent. I conjure up Cleopatra’s beauty routine with similarly lush ingredients! Add an eye compress to brighten the contours of those peepers and it’s pampering for a very important part of the face. Things finish off with a cream mask to moisturise, an eye cream and, not to forget, a very relaxing hand and head massage are part of the package.
My skin felt amazingly soft and looked (I’ve got to say it) visibly brilliant. Think minimised pores, clarity and plumpness. Love it and would go back for it!