Treatment Review: Diamond Iced Crystal Facial

It was the celeb choice at this year's BAFTAs
Tuesday , 26 June 2012
Treatment Review: Diamond Iced Crystal Facial
Pampered with a view, too!

WHAT: A “multi-sensory” facial treatment that uses quartz stones for their anti-ageing and energy cleansing properties. It was the facial of choice for celebrities getting red carpet-ready for this year’s BAFTAs
WHERE: The Spa at The Address Downtown Dubai, open daily from 9am to 10pm, 04 436 8751
HOW LONG: 90 minutes
HOW MUCH:  Dhs1,150
THE TREATMENT: It’s not often you see the words diamond, iced and crystal preceding a facial so my interest in the procedure was immediately piqued. Hoping I wouldn’t end up with a diamante-encrusted face, I disconnected from the bustle of The Address Downtown’s lobby and emerged on the 13th floor, into the calm of The Spa.
Before we began the treatment, the therapist ran through the process and explained the Natura Bissé products she was using. Luxe Spanish products aside, the facial is centered on the use of brilliantly cut quartz stones with “58 facets” and it’s these facets that turn the quartz into an energy channeling crystal. It may all sound a bit new age hippie, but the feeling of serenity and peacefulness is on another level compared with regular treatments. And  then there’s the anti-ageing benefits – lifting, toning and tightening. The facial starts with body alignment and massage followed by a spray of relaxing mist as well as spa inhalation with Diamond Experience Lavender Neuroaroma. The second half of the treatment includes cleansing and exfoliation topped off with a shiatsu massage of the pressure points.
THE RESULTS: I surfaced from the treatment feeling exceptionally relaxed, like the tension of the week had been expelled from my body. My skin felt super soft and had a bit of a glow to it. Later in the evening, not having mentioned the facial, a friend complimented me on how my skin looked – so I guess it really works! I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to cleanse their skin and get stress-free in a single treatment.

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