Treatment Review: Cosmetic Teeth Bonding

10 Oct 2012

It's what you get when you want an A-list smile!

What: Fixing small chips on teeth with invisible bonding and heat
Where: Drs Nicolas & Asp
How Long: 15 minutes
How Much: Dhs300 to Dhs400 per tooth
The Treatment: Covering celebrities here at Ahlan! has made me totally teeth obsessed – I’m determined to give Julia Roberts and her perfect smile a little competition. So when I noticed discolouration on my front teeth, I went to Dr Atheel Kinaia at Drs Nicolas & Asp for a smile upgrade. My discolouration was actually two small chips, from grinding my teeth, which made them look a bit grey! Luckily, it was an easy fix with cosmetic teeth bonding, which is like nail polish for your teeth. Before applying the bonding, cotton pads were placed between my teeth and gums and then the bonding was matched to my teeth colour and translucency. There was no discomfort when it was applied and a few minutes later the bonding was dried with a high-intensity curing light. I just had to close my eyes for a few seconds to protect them and it was all done! To finish up, the bonding was sanded down to the right shape and I was ready to make like Julia and smile for the cameras.
The Results: The best thing about the bonding is that not only is my discolouration gone, but my front teeth are more rounded and look thicker than before. The colour is an absolute perfect match and even when scrutinising them in a magnifying mirror, I couldn’t see where the bonding ended and my natural teeth began. The bonding does feel slightly rougher than my enamel, but I only feel it when I run my tongue over my teeth. I’m super pleased with the fab results! T’Town smile, here I come.