Treatment Review: Colour Heaven Therapy

08 Apr 2012

We put the hues to the test

What: Based on the concept that there are seven main energy centres (chakras) of the body and that each one relates to a colour, this treatment aims to balance and enhance your body’s energy centres using colour and massage to stimulate your own natural healing process.

Where: Mandara Spa, The Monarch Dubai, 04 501 8270,

How long: 30 minutes, plus 65 minutes for an accompanying muscle ease massage.

How much: Dhs260 for the colour heaven and Dhs470 for the muscle ease massage.

The treatment: A therapist asks you to pick your main concern from a list of seven, each associated with a chakra and its connected colour; from feeling melancholy (purple) to being over-analytical (yellow). I chose a blocked sense of creativity (blue) and then checked in to the luxurious spa before heading to the treatment room.

After a foot bath, where my tootsies were soaked, scrubbed, massaged and dried, I laid down on the massage bed. Here, I was covered in a blue sarong and had a series of crystals positioned down my body, in line with my chakras. The room was lit with a soft, blue light and the therapist wrapped herself in a blue sarong too! A 15-minute firm but comfortable head massage followed to ‘open’ the chakras. After this, a standard muscle ease massage went on for 65 minutes, before I was again transported to a world of blue (blue sarong, crystals, blue light, blue-clad therapist). Finally a 15-minute foot massage ‘closed’ the chakras.

The results: Colour heaven is designed to leave you feeling energised and to heal the area of concern, in my case, blocked creativity. I practically floated out of the spa, thankful I’d decided to take a taxi and not drive – there’s no way I could’ve concentrated on Sheikh Zayed Road! I had the treatment on a Saturday afternoon and arrived at work on Sunday morning with a clear head, ready to write up the hottest celeb goss for Ahlan!, so perhaps the blue really did unblock my creativity!


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