Treatment Review: Caviar Pearl Manicure

You're sure to stand out in this mani packed with coloured pearl balls
Monday , 30 July 2012
Best for party nails
Best for party nails
Fancy a caviar manicure
Fancy a caviar manicure

WHAT: A stylish new manicure using stylish coloured pearl balls
WHERE: Sisters Beauty Lounge, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, 04 379 2992,,
HOW LONG: 60 minutes
HOW MUCH: Dhs135
THE TREATMENT: I’m surprised Katy Perry hasn’t discovered this manicure yet! Caviar pearls are bound to become the next big fad after snakeskin foils and DIY transfers. I chose the pink colour with multi-coloured pearls, but if the cupcake look isn’t your style, you have two other colour options: black and deep blue or cream and white.
The process is surprisingly simple. The beautician starts by doing a standard manicure. After preparing the nails and doing one layer of pink on all nails, she applied a thick layer of pink polish to one nail. She immediately poured the pearls – which looked like hundreds and thousands of sugar balls you decorate cakes with – onto the nail, making sure the whole nail was covered and gently patting the pearls into the polish. She caught the spare pearls in a tray which was positioned under my hand. The beautician then poured the excess pearls back into the pot. She repeated this procedure for all 10 nails and finished by gently applying clear nail polish just to the tip of my nails. Simples!
THE RESULTS: The manicure is perfect for a one-night event. It’s a real conversation starter and looks fantastic if you colour co-ordinate it to your outfit! Once the pearls have dried, they don’t come off too easily, unless you touch them.
The manicure lasted well for the first evening and by the next morning, a few pearls had fallen off but most were still intact. The real problem came after showering as the colour comes off the pearls when they come into contact with water.
Our verdict is it’s great for a special event or night out, but make sure you have it done on the same day as the event and after you’ve showered. Alternatively, buy the kit (Dhs145) and do it yourself at home about an hour before you go out.

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