Treatment Review: Bare Minimum Green Initiative

Check out the eco-friendly outdoor facial at Talise Spa
Thursday , 15 November 2012
So much better than a massage room!
So much better than a massage room!

WHAT: An eco-friendly outdoor massage and facial.
WHERE: Talise Spa, Al Qasr; 04 366 6818,
HOW LONG: 60 minutes
HOW MUCH: Dhs519
THE TREATMENT: We all want to do our part to help save the planet, but it’s so much more fun if there’s pampering involved. So when I heard about Talise Spa’s new Green Initiative, I headed to the spa’s very large private outdoor area to indulge in some eco-friendly R ‘n’ R. If you like to hear the sounds of nature instead of repetitive spa music, then this treatment is perfect for you. The spa sets up a gorgeous outdoor tent (with plenty of privacy) and the treatment uses absolutely no electricity. Only one litre of water is used for the foot treatment and for the facial. There is also a 30-minute massage using medium pressure and Sodashi products – an all-natural range from Australia. My muscles were gently massaged using mango body lotion, with focused pressure on my neck and shoulders, while my hair was covered in an aromatic leave-in oil.
THE RESULTS: I’m one of those people who mentally prepares to-do lists in my head when I’m supposed to be relaxing on the massage table, but not one list was made during my Green Initiative treatment! There’s something about letting all your worries go while being outside that helps me relax in a way that I never can in even the most Zen spa treatment rooms. When I got home from my treatment, I actually fell asleep at 9pm, something I attribute to the relaxation I was able to achieve outside. I also loved that I could calm down with zero carbon footprint! Win, win.

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