Treatment Review: Awake Express at Six Senses Spa

We try out a body scrub, massage and facial all-in-one treatment at one of Doha's most luxurious spa retreats. A top choice for a relaxing treat during the Eid holidays!
ByJessica Bailey Ackerman Thursday , 17 October 2013
Treatment Review: Awake Express at Six Senses Spa
© Treatment Review: Awake Express at Six Senses Spa
Treatment Review: Awake Express at Six Senses Spa

WHERE: Six Senses Spa at Sharq Village & Spa, 4425 6999,,

HOW LONG: 80 minutes

HOW MUCH: QR850. Book during October and receive a free skin care travel kit.

THE TREATMENT: Six Senses Spa at the Sharq is a sanctuary, a hidden haven within the city. Once you walk in past the water feature, you forget all about the outside world for an hour or two. After battling my way through the new construction on the Corniche, tightly wound and uncomfortable on a hot day, I was more than ready for my treatment.

The Awake Express is a new package with three elements – body scrub, massage and mini facial. My therapist Mercé began by rubbing my body with oil made from apricots, avocados and lemongrass. She then sprinkled what I initially thought was salt all over my body (I later found out it was crushed rice) and began to exfoliate my skin. There are three different options for the scrub – jojoba seeds for sensitive skin, crushed rice for normal skin and coconut shell for tougher skin. 

Once I showered off the rice, Mercé began the massage. All elements of the Awake Express are designed to be quicker than usual, but are by no means inferior in quality. It’s the perfect way to get a bit of everything.

For the final component of the package, Mercé completed my relaxation voyage with a mini facial ritual to cleanse, tone and moisturise my skin.

THE RESULT: My skin was left with a buttery silkiness. I looked and felt hydrated, as well as being tension free. Highly recommended for stress relief.