Treatment Review: 50 Shades of Grey Manicure

14 Mar 2013

Ahlan! gets hands on with the new manicure to hit the UAE

WHAT: 50 Shades of Grey Manicure
WHERE: N Bar, Grosvenor House, Dubai, 04 399 9009
HOW LONG: 60 minutes
THE TREATMENT: Everyone is rocking grey nails at the moment, so I had to try out this ombre grey manicure with a twist. Like the name suggests, the manicure uses different shades of Essie grey polish on each fingernail, but only five colours instead of 50! N Bar offers the manicure in other colours too, but my nail technician Amber tells me that the grey is proving really popular. Before colour is applied to my nails, they are filed, cleaned and preened to perfection by Amber, who also puts protection on my talons before painting them. Starting at the thumb with an almost black-grey, the shades of polish lighten finger by finger, going first to dark brown, then dark grey, light grey and finally finishing with a shade of white on my pinky. Amber does two layers of polish on each finger to make sure that they don’t chip easily and finishes off with a glossy top coat. The whole process is finished in under an hour – easy!
THE RESULTS: Don’t be scared off by its name as the manicure is an effortlessly cool look that works for day and night. Quick and easy, it’s a fun way to be adventurous with your nails while still working the season’s hottest trends.