Treatment Review: Heavenly Massage at Doha's Relax Spa

Treatment Review: Heavenly Massage at Doha's Relax Spa

26 Sep 2013

We try out Shirodhara, an ancient Indian massage technique designed to promote deep relaxation and reduce tension, at Doha's Relax Spa

WHERE: Relax Spa, off the C Ring Road, 3341 9283,

HOW LONG: One hour 30 minutes (allow two hours so you can get your hair washed and blow-dried afterwards)

HOW MUCH: QR325. Bargain!

THE TREATMENT: If you like a good massage as a way to unwind and you want to try something a little different, then Shirodhara might be for you. That said, the feeling of this Indian massage is quite unusual for the first-timer. 

I lay down as massage therapist Manju poured warm oil on my forehead (over the sixth chakra or intuitive energy centre), alternating the pour with gentle strokes in an Ayurvedic technique which has been used in India for thousands of years. A cloth is used to prevent the oil from getting into my eyes. 

At first I was a little uncomfortable, but the overall feeling is so relaxing that I figured I might as well enjoy the process. This was followed with a full body massage, lulling me into a deeper stage of relaxation.

THE RESULT: This is definitely not your standard massage, but the effect is well worth it as the tension of your week just ebbs away under the combined effect of the oil and the massage strokes. The only downside is ending up with hair covered in oil – though a shampoo, wash and dry is included in the price, or you can treat yourself to a blow-dry for QR100 to QR150.