Treat Your Nails with CND

Treat Your Nails with CND

17 Feb 2015

Get your nails in tip top shape for the new season

Looking for the latest update for your new season beauty bag? Well CND has just come out with two new collections for spring and summer and we’re madly in love with the result.

For spring there’s the Flora and Fauna collection that showcases a very light combination of hues complement the gorgeous time of year. The colours and styles are inspired by watercolour impressions of luminous landscapes.

Then there’s the summer collection, Garden Muse, which is a great way to ring in the hot season thanks to its bright and stunning colours. The season embodies a bold line with a harmony of vintage floral design elements and will be available worldwide from March 2015.

If your nails are in a bit of a rut then here comes CND’s RescueRxx with its daily keratin treatment. Perfect for weakened or damaged nails, it reduces those pesky white spots, splitting and peeling which happens to the best of us. By using keratin protein, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil, these are the key ingredients used to make your nails look perfect and pristine.

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