Travellers Can Now Get Emergency Entry Permits to the UAE

Granted in emergency cases and valid for 4 days at Dhs100 cost
ByNathalie ViranyiSunday , 24 August 2014
Travellers Can Now Get Emergency Entry Permits to the UAE
Emergency entry permits have been introduced in the UAE

United Arab Emirates' Authorities have confirmed the introduction of emergency entry permits to the UAE, which allow for travellers on an airline sponsorship to enter the country and stay for up to four days at a cost of Dhs100.

The new permit has been introduced to support the UAE's plan of enabling medical tourism, by easing up the transportation process for patients.

Dr Rashid Sultan Al Khodr, Vice President of Legal Affairs at the Ministry of Interior explained to Al Khaleej Newspaper that the permit will be available to travellers in emergency cases occurring at air terminals, including situations where the traveller gets ill or his flight is cancelled due to technical issues or bad weather conditions.

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