Travel Review: Buergenstock Resort, Switzerland

Ahlan! visited Switzerland's Buergenstock Resort and found a place even James Bond would be wowed by
ByAndre NevelingMonday , 19 March 2018
Travel Review: Buergenstock Resort, Switzerland
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If you’re already a fan of Switzerland, you’ll know and love everything it has to offer. The postcard views, super-efficient timekeeping and, of course, the delicious chocolate.

But have you heard of Buergenstock? If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat. It might actually  be the best resort we’ve ever been to. A big statement, but one we’re standing by.
Located high up a mountain by the glorious lake Laverne, Buergenstock Resort isn’t new, but the redesign is. And, boy, is it good.

We arrived at Lake Lucerne and took a short ferry ride from the mainland to the mountain. The views across the lake are stunning, even after dusk. The 30-minute ferry runs regularly, so you don’t have to wait too long to hop on.

Upon reaching the mountain, we took an old-school funicular straight up the side of the mountain to the resort. It’s sort of like a train that runs up the mountain and is a total blast. The journey is short, only a few minutes, but a seriously fun way to start your stay.

Let us say something important before we really get into the review. Buergenstock is HUGE. So much more than a hotel, it feels like a small village.

The always-helpful staff greeted us in reception, where our attention was immediately taken by the view. Giant floor-to-ceiling windows dominate the space, overlooking all of Lake Lucerne. It’s beautiful.

Our suite was also beautiful. A large space with extra-comfy furnishings, and all stunningly designed. The standout features? A large, square bath by a full-length window overlooking the lake, and a similar window with cosy seat in the sitting room. We sat on the window seat answering emails while looking at the lake and genuinely felt like we were living our best life.

The eating options are major, too. Foodies will be over the moon with Buergenstock’s offerings. Our faves? Spices Kitchen & Terrace for an Asian/Indian flavourfest and Oak Grill for some of the tastiest meat dishes we’ve had. If you choose to dine during the day at Oak, take a walk out to the pool patio for a cheeky selfie.

If you’re a bit of a spa bunny, prepare to be bowled over. The Buergenstock Alpine Spa is arena-sized. Literally. If you do one thing, make sure it is to swim in the outdoor pool. It’s on the edge of the mountain top and accessible via the spa’s gorgeous indoor pool. An Insta moment if ever we saw one.

The indoor pool has a wall of windows, and comfy beds, so you can happily dry off post-dip while looking out at the stunning view.

You can also float away stresses in a salty floatation pool, steam your pores in a sauna, and so much more. Word of warning: areas of the spa are, ahem, swimsuit-optional, so just keep an eye out for signs.

There is also a huge golf course, and tennis courts for those who have had enough relaxation in the spa (is there really such a thing as too relaxed?!).

We only had one question upon leaving this ultra-luxurious, hospitable resort: can we move in and live there forever? Audrey Hepburn once did. Hey, if it’s good enough for Audrey…

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