Traffic queue jumpers to be FINED!

New Dubai Police cameras to catch sly motorists
ByTom HedleyWednesday , 03 June 2015
Traffic queue jumpers to be FINED!
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Dubai Police are rolling out new cameras to catch road rule-breakers! 100 new cameras are to be installed, of which 70 will be able to identify stolen cars, while 30 will be able to read number plates.

Speaking to The National newspaper, Brig Kamel Al Suwaidi, director of the general department of operations at Dubai Police said: “The purpose of this system is to stop those who drive on the hard shoulder and those who cut off other vehicles by using the undesignated, white-striped areas, in between roads.”

Speeding motorists, tailgaters and over-takers are all to be swiftly taken care of says Suwaidi: “We will be able to immediately identify the car, license plate and location and immediately dispatch patrols to the scene.”

Among the 30,000 cameras already operating in the UAE, a Dubai Police smart motorbike is also in the pipeline. “The bike will be able to locate stolen vehicles in the vicinity and will have a radar installed, a system for face recognition and for fingerprints,” Brig Al Suwaidi said.

For those worrying about privacy, Al Suwaidi has it covered. “Even though there are lots of cameras in the Emirate, they are never positioned in areas deemed to be an invasion of privacy, such as hotel rooms,” he revealed. “The cameras are always in public places, where they can be seen.”

Will this finally be the beginning of the end to the Dubai’s road-weaving culprits? We hope so!

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