Traffic fines in Dubai take a nosedive

All thanks to the new laws implemented this month
ByMashal AbbasiTuesday , 18 July 2017
Traffic fines in Dubai take a nosedive

Since the introduction of new traffic laws earlier this month, the number of fines being issued to unruly drivers has seen a sharp decline.

Dubai Police issued 94,964 traffic fines in the seven days leading to July 1, before the law was implemented compared to 59,777 fines issued in the July 1-7 period, right after the implementation of the law, according to Dubai Police.

This was a more than a one-third decline in fines compared to the week before the law came into effect. 35,187 fewer fines were issued in the first week the law coming into force.

The most dangerous, and unfortunately the most common fine, was for speeding. Other common offences included parking incorrectly, blocking traffic, not leaving enough distance between vehicles and sudden swerving.

Now that fines are heavier on the pocket, motorists are taking extra precautions while driving.

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