Tough Mum Victoria...

Who's been a naughty boy then?
Wednesday , 13 April 2011
Tough Mum Victoria...
Victoria Beckham scolds her sons Brooklyn Beckham and Cruz Beckham for fighting LA Galaxy v Philadelphia Union

Why?Victoria Beckhamis renowned for always maintaining her poised moody look so we absolutely loved seeing this pic of her publically breaking out of character and rollicking her son Cruz for upsetting big bro Brooklyn. For anyone that doubted Vic’s role as a matriarch this should be suitable evidence that she is as hands on as they come. When Cruz and Brooklyn started fighting whilst watching papa David put in a performance for LA Galaxy, the pregnant fashion designer let rip in the best way only a mother can. Eyes bulging, eyebrows raised, teeth gritted and finger extended and pointing with purpose, mama Beckham proved who’s boss. Those kids behaved straight away, and one thing’s for sure we’re never getting on the wrong side of Posh.

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