Top Tips to Keep Fit this Ramadan

While fasting, you should adapt your workouts to accommodate your daily routine, say the experts at Fitness First. Here’s how to train safely this month
ByNaomi ChaddertonThursday , 16 June 2016
Top Tips to Keep Fit this Ramadan


With the heat as a major factor, keeping hydrated is very important when exercising. However, plain water may not be enough, especially if you’re fasting. Opt for drinks with electrolytes and make sure to hydrate before, during and after any activity.


For the best results, mix up your cardio training and follow a routine that combines both bodyweight exercise and machine exercise. For example, start with 20 squats, followed by running on the treadmill (400m), then 20 burpees, and finish on the rowing machine (400m). Repeat four sets of this routine. This will definitely burn some serious calories!

For those who are fasting, it just needs to be toned down a bit. Reduce the number of squats and burpees and/or reduce the distance and speed on the treadmill and rowing machine.


Along with cardio training, make sure to keep up with resistance training during Ramadan, too. This could be in the water, in the gym, lifting weights, or walking up a few flights of stairs. Regardless of how you do it, you need resistance training to maintain muscle tone and conditioning. We recommend attending a TUFF, BodyPump or XFit class before iftar.


Most government and private companies have shortened hours over Ramadan – this means you have the chance to train and exercise well before iftar. It also means your timing to burn calories can be more effective and efficient. How does it work? PEOC stands for ‘post-exercise oxygen consumption’ – in other words, after you’ve exercised and trained you’ll keep burning calories because your metabolism is still in an active state. Remember that the key here is to get the timing of your workout right so you stay in the calorie-burning zone even after you’ve completed your workout and are enjoying your iftar buffet. Exercise within the two hours before breaking your fast.


While fasting, we tend to lose energy and many of us can’t be bothered to go to the gym. If that’s you, find a workout in your daily routines. If you use escalators, keep walking – don’t just stand there waiting to be taken to the top. Avoid lifts and use stairs instead, and walk as far as you can when visiting shopping malls.


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