Top Tips for Great Hair and A-list Hairstyles

09 Aug 2013

Celebrity hair colourist George Papanikolas chats to Ahlan! on makeovers, trends and his favourite A-list hairstyles!

With years of experience in the industry George Papanikolas is one of Hollywood’s hottest hair colourists, preening celebs including Britney Spears, the Kardashians and Lindsay Lohan. With hair trends constantly changing, it can’t be easy keeping up with some of Hollywood’s most high-maintenance ladies!

George Papanikolas

George specialises in the trendy ombre and balayage techniques, with his signature style being the dark-roots, blonde-ends look that we’ve seen so many A-listers with recently. He even created Khloe Kardashian’s gorgeous hair style. George, in fact, credits Khloe’s hair as one of the favourite looks he’s styled, as well as Miranda Kerr’s long flowing locks. “Those girls are so beautiful, and the way they wear their hair really enhances their look,” he says.

Khloe’s ombre look is a favourite of George’s! 

George owes his love for balayage to Gisele Bündchen. Although he is yet to work with her, George credits the model as his inspiration and loves to recreate her hairstyle on other beautiful women. He says of her: “She has been a hair icon of mine for a long time and continues to be so. Therefore, most of the looks I create are modelled on her.” These days the ombre look has become more popular than beauty experts ever expected, with Jessica Alba, Lauren Conrad and Jessica Biel all perfecting the style, meaning George is constantly in demand!

George counts Gisele Bundchen as his 
hair inspiration

We all know that celebs love to constantly experiment with hair colour. As a colourist this must be hard to keep up with! George speaks of some of the dramatic hair changes he’s worked on: “I had to do drastic dark to blonde changes on both Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, and it took months to achieve the right colour without damaging their hair.” These two are definitely some of the biggest offenders. Britney has tried out every tone of blonde and brunette, and Lindsay has gone from red, to blonde to black and finally back to red again!


Makeover Britney
BEFORE: Britney has had every hair style under the sun. Her brown locks were dull and lifeless.
AFTER: George transformed Britney and put the life back into her hair. 

Makeover Lindsay
BEFORE: Lindsay’s dark hair was dry and damaged from constantly changing its colour.
AFTER: George managed to restore the shine into Lindsay’s hair when he changed the colour. 

The hairdressing world has been transformed by hair extensions. We’ve all tried them, but getting them to look good is the tricky part! Kim Kardashian has to be the queen of extensions, but as a hairdresser, a bad extension is a big no-no! George thinks they are a great way to enhance your hair but only when necessary, and of course they must be done well!

Julia Roberts needs a hair makeover!


But not everyone’s getting it right. Jennifer Lawrence recently transformed her locks into a less than stylish bob, and Miley Cyrus’ cropped cut has a lot to answer for! George spilled the beans on which celebrity he would love to give a hair makeover: “Julia Roberts. I want to see her go back to auburn; I think the auburn colour suits
her best.” Julia, we hope that you’re listening!

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